Questions & Answers

How can a surveillance camera protect my business?

There are many ways people can take advantage of your business assets. We are convinced that installing surveillance system can help you prevent such things like fraud claims, supply theft, returns theft, tool theft, different kinds of productivity loss, theft of office supplies and equipment as well as improve your customer’s’ experience. Read about it in my blog post “10 ways you are susceptible to theft”.


What kind of camera should I choose to protect my business?

You will have plenty of options when it will come to choosing the best camera to serve your needs. You might want to choose the dome camera, bullet camera, IR camera or hidden camera. It will all depend on the area you want monitored and the nature of misconduct that you suspect and few other factors. Read more in my article “Choosing Best Type of Security Camera for Business Needs”


Why do I need to compress my recorded videos?

Compressing your recorded videos is important when you have storage and bandwidth limitations. Compressing your video files makes it easier for the surveillance system even to transfer the files to your network and helps to avoid any kind of delays as it prevents the system from slowing down. Another advantage is that the files that has been compressed also occupy less space on your hard drive, which allows you to keep more videos and increase the time of keeping them there. To learn more about what the video compression is and why we are discussing it when it comes to the video surveillance systems, refer to my blog post “What is video compression?”.


How to choose an outdoors surveillance camera?

There are few factors to keep in mind when choosing a device that would serve your needs the best, with the most important feature for your camera to be waterproof. What you also have to consider when making a decision to purchase an outdoor security camera is factors like desired coverage, resolution, night vision feature, style, recording capacity, mobily compatibility and so on. To read more about the topic – check out my blog post “How to choose an outdoor surveillance camera”


What kind of application do I need for the remote surveillance?

In my recent blog post “A comparison among 6 remote surveillance applications” I am discussing advantages and disadvantages of the following applications: YawCam, WebCam Monitor, WebCam WatchDog, WebcamXP Lite, Watcher and 1AVMonitor.


I don’t think I can afford purchasing a surveillance system at this point. Are there any options that you can suggest?

Our answer is “webcam”. Other than using your webcam for video calls, taking photos and using it for a face recognition to log in, it can be utilized as a surveillance camera in you install the right software and set it up to record the videos, detect the motion and send you notifications or trigger the sound alarm. This way you really do not need to spend money on a security surveillance system. In addition to that, there are numerous software applications that could help you do that. Each one has advantages and disadvantages so your choice depends on your needs and your level of proficiency. Read my article “How to Turn your Computer into Video Surveillance System” with list of 7 recommended software for this purpose.